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Two days ago me, my mother, sister and her friend were in so called 'escape room'. No longer than a month ago I'd had no idea something like that exists in Poland.
It was a very interesting experience. While waiting for our turn we'd been a little stressed out and confused, but a guy managing rooms amused us with a good-natured banter.
At first glance the room was small and empty, but after a short time we found out that there's many puzzles and 'catches' hidden everywhere. Unfortunately, service guy had to give us some clues, without it we wouldn't be able to finish in time.
The riddles were really difficult and varied, so my brain finally got some practice xd
Overall I'm happy and satisfied with the experience. We managed to get out 3 minutes before our time would finish, so I think it's not bad, considering we've been rookies.
So if you have a possibility to participate in such a game as 'escape room', then I strongly recommend it!